Graphic Designs

Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized design you will fall in love with! We separate ourselves from the rest by creating a digital vision of the project rather than a blueprint, which can be hard to visualize. At Adan Landscaping your vision and budget are important to us and our team will create your dream landscape, patio, walkway, driveway, retaining walls, etc!


Our landscaping services for softscape design include ideas to encourage plant growth, sustainability, and water conservation. Our experience has helped in creating a wide variety of designs for flower gardens, and more. Our experts would be happy to assess your space and provide suggestions on how to utilize it based on your interests and budget. Learn how our designs make a difference with a free consultation.


Why should you choose our patio service? Details about your patio are planned step by step to ensure every detail meets your design needs. Our team includes qualified contractors with years of experience creating unique patio designs from scratch and work with high-quality EP Henry materials exclusively. Your imagination is our inspiration. Let us create the patio you’ve always wanted. Planning for your patio includes creating a schedule, materials list, and budget. Get a free estimate for your patio by calling us today. 

Decorative Walks

Our decorative walks service provides the look you want for your walkway. We can suggest plants, lighting, and decorative stone to create the perfect look for your walkway. Our design team has years of experience creating unique looks for pathways. Let us brighten your walkway by requesting a free consultation today.


Mulching has many benefits. For example, mulching can save you money on your water bill because it holds water until your plant needs it. It can also prevent your plants from freezing in the winter. Depending on the size of your project we can schedule your mulch to be installed in a day or a weekend. All you need to do is call us. We will work with you so that you can get the look that you want.

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is constantly evolving, and our team is consistently moving forward with the new products being offered. The wonderful thing about concrete is that is can be used to create endless amounts of designs, styles, and comes in a variety of colors. We also work with stamped concrete to create any finish that you desire. Let’s get your project on the road today!

Fertilization Programs

Our team of experts will assess your yard for all problematic growth and develop a personalized solution that fits your yard. Within a season, we can have your yard completely turned around on its way to a perfectly green lush property!

Retaining Walls

Whether you are looking to have a section of your property retained, or for aesthetics, we have a team to help achieve this goal! Retaining walls are one of our specialties and take many years of experience to learn to do properly. Schedule a free estimate and show us what you would like to have created. We will handle the rest from designing to estimating, and the actual construction process. Our team is here for you!

Landscaping Maintenance

Are you having trouble keeping your garden looking fresh and crisp? No need to worry, we can set up a customized maintenance program to ensure your landscape stays in tip-top shape throughout the season! We will set up a worry-free program to ensure that no weeds are left unscathed, and no shrubbery goes neglected!


No matter what purpose or style that you are looking for, we can help aid you in the right direction and offer the best options available on the market today. We never cut corners, especially when it comes to fencing. We construct our fences to be as durable as possible to last you the longest! You don’t want to settle for a cheap fence that will be falling over after the next storm comes by, so give us a call today!

Drainage Resolution

Drainage issues are a very common problem these days with all the new construction going on, and settling soils on properties that have been around for a number of years. Did you know that the grading around your house is supposed to have a decreasing slope down from the foundation? These drainage issues can wreak havoc on your house foundation, which can be highly costly. We take care of problematic downspouts, repair drainage swells, construct swells, fix grading issues, standing water problems, and much more. Contact us today to save yourself major headaches down the road!

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Spring and fall is the time of the year to maintain and freshen up your landscape! These are the best times of the year to get your trees and shrubs trimmed. Keeping your landscape pruned enhances the growth of the next season and keeps them from growing out of control. We take care of removing all trash/debris, weed removal, laying weed preventatives, mulching, trimming/pruning. Keep your landscapes looking spectacular by giving us a call!